Why the iPhone 11 is A Fan Favourite!

You don’t need to be a tech enthusiast to know that the release of a new iPhone is an exciting time for everyone. Since the iPhone 11 launched back in 2019, Apple has sold over three million units! So it is undoubtedly that the iPhone 11 is a fan favorite.

It is the perfect phone for watching movies, playing games or taking pictures! The iPhone 11 is 194g,6.1 inches, and comes in three different colors: gold, purple and white. With these features, the iPhone 11 has been why many customers upgraded.

This post will give you why the iPhone 11 is a fan favorite!


The iPhone 11 has an A13 Bionic chip with a Neural Engine, GPU, and three-core CPU. The RAM is 4GB, and the storage available to the user is 64GB or 128GB, which will meet your needs!

It means that the phone will run multiple apps at once without slowing down. Plus, multitasking is better than ever! It’s also good news that the performance doesn’t change even if you get your hands on a Refurbished iPhone 11 – which is a way cheaper option too.


The design of the iPhone 11 is also a fan favourite. It is sleek, stylish and comes in three different colors. The phone has a 6.1-inch retina display and consists of durable glass. The back of the phone also has a matte finish which makes it less slippery to hold.


One of the main reasons people upgrade to the iPhone 11 is its fantastic camera. The rear camera is 12MP, and the front camera is 12MP. It has a 4K video recording feature and can record in 60fps. There are also a bunch of interesting filters, effects, and stickers to choose from when taking photos or recording videos too!


The iPhone 11 comes with the latest iOS 13 software. This software is user-friendly and has a tonne of new features to explore. The phone also comes with an updated version of Apple Maps, Safari, and Siri. You can use your voice to do various tasks, including checking the weather, listening to music, sending messages, and even making purchases on Amazon!

Customer Support

The iPhone 11 has an amazing customer support team. If you ever run into any problems when using the phone, they’ll help you out in no time. You can reach them through Twitter, Facebook, Live Chat, and even email! Their online support is efficient, so you wouldn’t have to wait for a response.

Pros & Cons of the iPhone 11

Although there are many reasons why the iPhone 11 has become a fan favorite, it also has its cons! 

The pros of this phone are:

  1. 1. It has a sleek and stylish design

  2. 2. It comes in three different colors, so you can choose the one that best suits your needs!

  3. 3. The phone’s performance is impressive, and it doesn’t overheat easily

  4. 4. The camera is fantastic and will take crisp images with different effects

  5. 5. The iPhone 11 has an upgrade iOS 13 software which offers new features

  6. 6. If you ever run into any problems, the customer support team is helpful!


  • The battery life could be better.

Battery Life

Another reason why the iPhone 11 is a fan favorite is because of its long-lasting battery life. The phone has an up to 18-hour battery life, which means it can last for two days without charge!

As you can see, the iPhone 11 is a great phone and has many features that people love. It is perfect for anyone who wants a stylish, efficient phone and has a great camera! If you want to upgrade to the newest iPhone, the iPhone 11 should be your first choice! Thanks for reading!


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