3 Reasons Why to Invest in cPanel License

Because of its’ intuitive interface and various automated tools, cPanel became one of the most popular IT products. Basically, this software provides more accessible server management and minimizes required programming skills. We’ve asked experienced Time4VPS hosts to share their insights on the program. Providing assess to cPanel license themselves, experts notice – in most cases, this software pays off in the first months. How?

1) Simply Easier Management

To start with, this control panel is Linux-based. There’s no secret that the Linux OS provides a highly customizable environment. Still, it also means you need to have a solid programming language base and be comfortable using command lines. However, you can minimize the need for specific skills and manage multiple projects way easier with a relatively cheap cPanel license.

The intuitive interface is easy to navigate. Thus, you can also get the most of the add-ons and manage website maintenance processes smoother. Daily, repetitive tasks could even be automated (so-called cron jobs). By the way, you won’t need any third-party apps to efficiently upload, edit, and remove data using a file manager.

2) Perks of Built-In Analytics

Another essential factor of this control panel is built-in analytics. Meaning, you can get to know your business environment and the whole market better. The software grants access to the data about everything that’s happening on the server and the website:

  • Metric tools provide you with information about visitors’ behaviour and the traffic.
  • It also makes it easy to follow the server’s resources usage and track the errors.

When it comes to errors, with a cPanel, you can spot them on time. You can not only deal with them but also create custom error pages. The ones that your customers see when they visit the page – you can provide visitors with further information if it turns out to be not working.

3) Increasing Security Level

Spotting the logs on time is one of the conditions to create a secure virtual environment. But it’s just one of the control panel’s perks. Boost your projects’ security by installing an extra firewall and such tools as IP Blocker or an innovative two-factor authentication. By the way, this management software has an auto-installer, so you don’t need to worry about effectively activating all of the add-ons.

Already sounds like a dream software? Well, we can definitely see why it’s one of the most popular control panel options in the market. Once you decide to get your license, you just need to contact your hosts. Or to find yourself a team that can take care of your full-fledged server’s management.

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