3 design ideas that affect SEO

There are many great benefits to having high-quality SEO on your website. It can improve your rankings, drive customer conversions and give you a more professional and appealing site.

But did you know that there are some web design ideas that can have a big impact on your SEO? Here we take a look at three web design ideas that might matter more than you think.

The visual content you use

While you might think that all visual content is good, the truth is a little more complicated. You should always strive to have high-quality, high-resolution visuals, whether these are photographs or videos. However, overloading your site with too many images can result in slower loading times – which is not just bad news for impatient users who may click away rather than wait.

SEO is based on more than the presence and quality of visual and written content, with the speed of your site and its individual pages playing a big role. If the search engine’s algorithm believes that your site is not providing users with a good experience, your SEO rankings will fall. Taking the time to optimise your images and videos and bringing your loading speed down to less than three seconds can give you an SEO boost.

The consistency of your layout

You might be tempted to create a website that has a lot of visual interest. This can mean changing up the fonts you use and the positioning of text and images across your website. However, not only can this be confusing for visitors, it also looks unprofessional. Not only that, but by standardising how your website looks, you are making it easier for search engines to crawl your content. How your website is presented on a page-by-page basis improves readability and relevance for visitors, and also puts you in a better position with search engines – potentially improving your SEO rankings.

Ease of navigation

Related to consistency, but subtly different, is the navigation of your website. How the information is presented and how users can get around and find relevant information is vital when it comes to SEO. If users are unable to find what they need, they will click off your site quickly – again, impacting your bounce rate and rankings. By creating an infrastructure within your website which has clarity and easy usability, you make them more simple for search engines and users alike to recognise your site as high quality. This, combined with other tweaks to your web design, can give you an advantage in the complex world of SEO.

As you can see, these web design ideas can be incredibly important for your SEO – and the overall success of your website. If you would like more help with improving your SEO, then get support with high-quality web design in Wakefield from Identify Digital.

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